Friday, December 7, 2012

One Small Thing

Yes, this blog and my book, Dancing Under the Full Moon, is about attracting abundance into our lives. And, very often, we interpret abundance as money or tangible material goods. Just for today, just for this particular season of giving, I'd like to challenge each of us to interpret abundance as that feeling we get when we do something unexpected for someone else.

I try to help out, to give to friends and family, my time, my energy, even my flawed wisdom. But every now and then, I extend that reach to a stranger. And, boy, does that feel wonderful. There was this time, in the heat of the summer, when I was traveling through a not-so-safe part of town, but I needed to stop and pick up a bottle of water. So I did. The local store was about the size of a Seven Eleven and there were only a handful of shoppers.

I had just written an article for a client newsletter about giving, similar to this one and it struck me: time to put your money where your mouth is. Walk the talk, so to speak. So I glanced around and saw this couple with a daughter about seven years old. She wore a sundress and sandels, her skin was a beautiful shade of brown and her black hair was braided with funky beads. Her wide eyes scanned the goodies on the shelves while her parents were very obviously being careful about what they purchased.

"She's adorable," I told the mother.

"Thanks," she replied and kept shopping while she kept on eye on me as I said hello to the girl.

"Hot out there," I continued and then moved close to the mother so the girl wouldn't hear me. Nothing worse than undermining a mother in front of her daughter. "I'd love to buy your daughter an ice cream," I said.

She just looked at me. "I just feel like it," I smiled. "She's so cute, so well-behaved and I feel like treating her. Is that okay?"

She could have said no. She could have felt like I was somehow trying to be superior, but instead, she thought for a minute, nodded and offered a soft smile as she looked at her husband for agreement.

"Sure," she said. "Why not?"

So Kaylee and I spent five minutes examining all the ice cream cones and bars in the cooler until she picked the one she wanted.

I paid. She grinned. I left. And it felt so good. A cool moment on a sweltering afternoon. The gift of abundance was mine in a small act that cost less than $3.00 and the rewards have lasted season after season.

Today's challenge: do something small and unexpected for  a complete stranger. Post their reaction and how it made you feel. The gift of giving creates a circle of wealth for everyone involved.- ps

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lucky Bamboo

Someone very close to me is struggling with health challenges and I've been wondering what to get her as a wish for renewal. Just something small from me to her. This, of course, aside from the usual: make dinner, send cards, call, e-mail and send all kinds of positive energy into the universe. I make sure I face toward the town she lives in when sending the energy, just so it has a clear path!!

Anyway, I'll see her on Friday — she's coming here for dinner and a menu of favorite foods — and I've decided to buy her a beautifully potted Bamboo Plant. It's considered lucky because of its ability to grow quickly and adapt to new environments, symbolizing both resilience and prosperity (see no. 59 in my book Dancing Under the Full Moon). While she could always use a bit more money (who couldn't these days?!?!), this is about wishing her abundance in health, about affirming her natural resilience and sending her home with a tangible symbol our prayers for wealth in the form of good health.

After all, wealth takes all kinds of forms. And without our health what good is all the gold in the world. So, if you have someone who needs a mental, spiritual or physical pick-me-up, present them with a Lucky Bamboo plant. You'll both feel better.

Peace & good health - ps

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Think Twice About Picking Up A Penny

We barely pay attention to the lowly penny. There was a time we'd stop and pick one up off the street or sidewalk; collect a few of them and we'd buy — you guessed it — penny candy!  I know. I'm aging myself. Still. . .

Now, we step over those pennies, determining they're not worth the effort of bending over. After all, it's just a penny! Think again.

First of all, finding a penny can signal good luck. If you find one, head's up, pick it up and keep it. Tails up, pick it up and examine it for the date, and if it's not a lucky one, spend it as soon as you can.

So, what makes a penny lucky?  The year it was minted. Dimes also. Find one minted in a Leap Year and you're bound to attract wealth. Because there are so few leap years — and because legend tells us it's good luck to start a business in a Leap Year — these pennies are considered bearers of good fortune.   Keep them in your kitchen to draw unexpected windfalls through the house and directly into your life.

This legend is No. 22 in my book. Check it out. Wishing you pennies from heaven and lots of good fortune. —  ps

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Labor Day Gift

Can't believe it's September. And it's certainly going out with a bang. Luckily, except for some debris and spoiled food (lots of spoiled food -- couldn't cook it up fast enough on the gas grill), we survived Irene -- living without power for three days doesn't begin to match other people's hardships. You can bet I am counting our blessings and sending prayers to all those who suffered damage and injury.

Twenty years ago, on Labor Day, I broke my back in a boating accident (and trust me when I tell you I am NOT a boater) -- cast out of a small boat, when we hit a rouge wave. About two stories into the air, I dropped back into the boat shattering my vertebrae on impact, nearly paralyzing me at the waist. There again, I found myself counting my blessings, that day and every day, especially over the two year recovery period when I knew how bad it could have been. And every day since, even when pain strikes and my nerves fray over limitations; still, I can walk and play with the grandkids and enjoy a full life. Sometimes blessings are relative to what could have been, rather than what is.

Anyway, here it is Labor Day and most of us are saying goodnight Irene and where did the summer go all in one breath. And, I'd like to offer you a small gift: all of my e-books have been reduced to $2.99 for the month of September. And if you post a review on any one of them, let me know and I will send you a free hard copy of either Dancing Under the Full Moon or Giving with Meaning -- your choice -- as my way of saying thanks.

So, whether you want to attract money, learn how to give a great gift or read novels that explore karma and destiny and all things metaphysical, this is the perfect time to explore my books. Download now. Order a hard copy if you prefer. And post that review for a free book. It's a win/win for all of us. - ps

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fun Reading, Fruitful Day

Went to a New Age Fair in my town, a very popular event that happens four times a year. Interestingly, it's held in the historic hamlet of our town, where we once hobbled witches and the nearby churches are pretty fundamental. Maybe it's the universe telling all of us to be open to one another and to possibilities.

I haven't had a psychic reading in a long time and decided it would be fun to see what an intuitive had to say. Twenty minutes for $20. I chose my reader rather randomly, but maybe there is no such thing and all choices are meant to be. His name is Adam Latin and he reads palms or uses the Tarot to access information from Spirit. "Both please," is what I told him when he asked which I'd prefer. A few minutes of palm and then the cards.

Well, dear Adam was pretty on target with me. Told me I was going to live to be 95 or so (we'll only know if that's on target when it happens and I wonder who among us will be here to verifty it!), but I asked, if I'd have enough money to survive to that age or would I be a bag lady (not the reality I'm looking for). Basically, he assured me that I'd always have enough money to pay the bills and live comfortably but that I needed to be careful about spending the "excess" money. I needed to separate wants from needs. I think I do a good job of that, but hmmmm. . . .was this $20 reading a want or a need?!?!

Meanwhile, I bumped into an astrologer I know and she told me she dances under the full moon every month and uses the ideas in my book all the time. And it's working for her. Think she was wearing a new blouse. Great color on her!!

All in all, an fruitful day. Hope yours was too. - ps

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Many Forms of Abundance

I have to remind myself sometimes that abundance really does come in different forms; that we have to recognize it, and appreciate it, even as we were looking for it in a totally different place. Sound a little too "zen" for everyday application? Well, here's a for instance.

I've been struggling with some health issues lately and feeling like my earning power has been compromised. Thinking in negative terms of what I don't have right now, I found I wasn't able to attract any kind of wealth. Yet the universe wouldn't leave it alone: friends came out of the woodwork, sending cards and e-messages and calling even when I didn't call back. I began to feel wealthy, counting my richness not in dollars but in relationships. And that was the first step toward inviting abundance back into my life. With a new appreciation came a re-adjusted attitude.

Suddenly, I was able to find the energy and determination to complete the re-release of my gift-giving book -- Giving with Meaning -- in both paperback, Kindle and Nook and get my novels out on Smashwords for e-readers.  Certainly, that's abundance in no small manner. And I even stumbled across a wonderful review of my Dancing Under the Full Moon Book. Next, a new editing job came my way!!

It all started with an adjustment in appreciation, knowing that our lives are made richer by all kinds of wealth. Thanks to everyone who helped me see this, and thank you all-giving universe.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Everyday Abundance

"Money comes in. Money goes out. And you have to live in between."  These words from a burly man named Gus who made and lost money in the fishing industry, has six kids, 14 grandchildren, seven great grandkids and seems to find fun in every day moments. He'd taken us out on a boat, showing us the world class resort community of Miromar Lakes in southwest Florida. We were on vacation; he was working and feeling guilty that he actually makes money doing what he loves to do. "Hard to call this a job," he smiled.

As we (our family group of nine) toured the acres of lakes, Gus pointed out a million dollar house (plus or minus a few $$ -- I'm thinking plus; we weren't buying, only dreaming and having fun doing it!!). "See that house? Folks built it, moved in and he had a heart attack, died a month later. Enjoy life now. Don't wait until it's too late."

In that moment, Gus helped us remember just how rich we were, all of us together, the sun warming our face, riding in a boat skimming the water's surface, a late lunch by the water's edge. We could enjoy one another and the richness of the day and feel remarkably rich.

I'm going to make a point of "living in between," knowing the money will come in and go out and I will enjoy abundance in all of its forms every single day. Thanks, Gus, for the reminder. —  ps